We are proud to announce that as from the 23rd of April 2013 we now have a dedicated support centre for all our premium buyers!

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Its been 3 months in the making and over 300 pages, more than 250,000 lines of code, about 50 pizza's, 500 coffee's and a few cakes, but finally our new support centre is live!

From their, all our premium themes, graphics and plugin buyers will be able to get quick dedicated support for their purchases!

Within the Centre you will find a FAQ section, Forum and Ticketing system where each buyer will only see what they have purchased!

For instance, if you purchased our Folio Wordpress Theme you will only see the FAQ's, Forum posts and tickets for that Theme, this way you can quickly and easily find what you are after without searching for pages upon pages of support answers which are nothing to do with your product.

We hope and aim to provide optimum support from now on!

All our premium buyers can get support from our support centre!





Nahin 1 Jun, 2013

It's a great idea ever !!! Nice to hear your sounds. Plenty useful information granted here. Thanks for celestial and artistic sharing.

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